Briefs on CEOs

Yi Yanlin


 Work experience

2018-present CEO of Lek Yuen Group.She is responsible for the operation of the group system and project companies and comprehensively presides over the daily work of the group. She is in charge of the finance department, leasing department, engineering department and project companies. She is also directly responsible for the asset handling of the group and the work of overseas companies. Graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute with Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, she has successively served as general manager of Finance Department of Lek Yuen Group, financial manager of finance department, group director and vice chairman of Nanjing Binjiang Science and Technology Microfinance Co., Ltd.



Liu Xiaoyuan


 Work experience

2006 - 2015 The CEO of Lek Yuen Group.She presided over the daily work of the Group, in charge of the Group Office, Nanjing Real Estate Department, Commercial Management Company, Mulong Lake Company, Property Management Company and Qingdao Company. Graduated from Tianjin Business College with Bachelor of Law degree. She has been the chairman of Qingdao Pengli Nanhua Commercial Development Co., Ltd., the general manager and vice president of Contract Law Department of Lek Yuen Group, and the chairman of Lianyungang Chengji Real Estate Co., Ltd.



Wang Fanshun


 Work experience

2006 - 2015 Vice Chairman and CEO of the Group.Before joining Lek Yuen Group, he worked for securities and consulting companies in Hong Kong and the Philippines, and co-founded his own financial services company. He graduated from Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania and EMBA of INSEAD.