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  利源集团总裁 王凡顺




The Lek Yuen Group was founded in 1993 with three employees and a simple set of objectives: to build communities that thrive, to develop projects that endure, and, above all, to forge lasting partnerships, relationships and friendships. Today, these objectives remain the same, albeit on a larger scale. After two decades of consistent growth, success and execution, Lek Yuen is an established player in the industry, with more than four hundred professionals and nearly a thousand employees developing and managing residential, retail, hotel and mixed-use projects throughout China.

  Looking forward, the next twenty years hold just an much, if not more, promise. We are determined to make the most out of the wonderful opportunities afforded by our position in the real estate industry, to serve as an engine for progress and development for the community, and to deliver on our promise to deliver growth and prosperity to our customers, employees and stakeholders. We shall do so by staying true to our core values: teamwork, dedication, and hard work. I hope all of you will join me in what promises to ba an exciting and prosperous future.

  CEO: Mr. Steve Pena-Sy


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Lek Yuen Group
Lek Yuen Group

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