Yan Lugen: You can see far when you stand tall (Photos)



Key words: The country will develop 3.5 million square meters in two years. It will take more than ten years to build a "Baijia Lake" in Nanjing. In the next 15 years, the pace of building cities and towns will be accelerated. Yan Lugen and Liyuan Group led by him It is quietly completing its second take-off: uniting overseas business giants. On April 9, 2010, Liyuan Group took over the Qingdao Pengli International Project; in Kunming, it officially launched the Kunming International Airport New City, the largest airport new city level development project in Southwest China, covering an area of 14 square kilometers. In Nanjing, Liyuan Group



Based in Nanjing, with a nationwide presence and a global outlook, Liyuan Group takes real estate development as its core, subdivides the market, enters commercial real estate, cultural real estate and tourism real estate, and embarks on a distinctive path of enterprise development and expansion.

Liyuan in Nanjing: Only by consolidating the foundation can we go further


When it comes to Nanjing, Yan Lugen can't hide his feelings for his hometown. When asked if Liyuan Group will relax its development in Nanjing because of its national strategy and internationalization strategy in the past two years, he firmly said, "On the contrary, Nanjing is my hometown and the root of Liyuan. ', Liyuan will never give up development opportunities in Nanjing."

Key words: Nanjing listed 1 million square meters in 3 years

In Yan Lugen's view, Liyuan started in Jiangning, Nanjing, and the "Baijia Lake" brand developed step by step, embodies the efforts of all Liyuan people. "Although 'going out' will be Liyuan's strategic focus in the future, Nanjing is still the real estate market with the greatest potential in China. Only by consolidating the foundation of Nanjing's base can Liyuan have more room for external expansion."

For the development of Liyuan in Nanjing in the next few years, Yan Lugen has already made a plan. Nanjing Company is currently one of the three major regional companies under Liyuan Group, and has 8 real estate project companies. In the next three years, the annual listing volume of new houses will not be less than 300,000 square meters, with a total listing volume of nearly 1 million square meters. A series of "large-scale projects" such as the Donggou Ruishan Ecological Comprehensive Development Zone project and the 550,000-square-meter outlet comprehensive commercial development project under negotiation are being carried out step by step. In terms of land reserves reflecting the "stamina" of the development of real estate enterprises, Liyuan has a land reserve of more than 2 million square meters in Nanjing, which shows that it attaches great importance to the Nanjing market.

Key words: fancy Jiangbei's infinite potential

In addition to Liyuan's "base camp" Jiangning in Nanjing, Jiangbei, which has developed rapidly in the past two years, has also entered Yan Lugen's attention. With the completion of the tunnel across the river and the gradual development of Pukou New Town, the development of Nanjing across the river is getting faster and faster. Yan Lugen, who has always been good at discovering and seizing opportunities, also discovered the development potential of Jiangbei for the first time. "Jiangbei is one of the areas with the greatest development potential in Nanjing. Regardless of the primary or secondary land market, we will actively try to acquire land in Jiangbei." Yan Lugen revealed that in addition to Liyuan's active inspections, there are also many companies that come to negotiate projects acquisition. "The cost of acquisition is lower than that of auction, but it will also be accompanied by some debt risks. At this time, our professional evaluation team will be able to show their talents, and we will definitely not let go of really good projects." Yan Lugen is very confident in Liyuan's entry into Jiangbei .

Key words: building a hot spring outlet park in Nanjing

In the new round of real estate industry structural adjustment, commercial real estate is undoubtedly the highlight of Liyuan Group's strategic transformation. Regarding the comprehensive commercial development project of Outlets under negotiation, Yan Lugen said that Outlets is not only a shopping mode, but also a concept of life. "Outlets are very common in foreign countries. This convenient and affordable discount store franchise model is very suitable for fast-paced life." In Yan Lugen's view, as the pace of social life continues to accelerate, Chinese people will definitely gradually adapt to it. And it is inseparable from the convenient lifestyle of this outlet.

It is understood that the overall planning area of ​​the planned outlet project is about 600 mu, with a total construction area of ​​about 550,000 square meters. According to the distribution of the project format, it is planned to be an outlet store area, a leisure and entertainment area, a creative center, an international conference center and a resort hotel area, forming a "one-stop" comprehensive leisure consumption model. Yan Lugen said that Nanjing Outlets is expected to open for trial operation before the end of 2013 to welcome the arrival of the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. After completion, the outlet will be based on becoming the leader and benchmark of China's outlet industry, the world's first hot spring-featured outlet park, and a preferred distribution center for tourism, shopping and leisure in East China.

In the real estate industry, he is definitely a big-name legendary figure: 18 years ago, he started from scratch in Jiangning, established the "Hundred Lakes" brand, dedicated more than 2 million square meters of boutique residences to the city, and led Nanjing's quality lake living.

In Liyuan Group, he is the spiritual leader of the enterprise: in the face of the ups and downs of the market, he is far-sighted, strategized, keenly aware of the subtle changes in the market, and has set an ambitious vision for Liyuan, that is, with real estate as the core , to enter into more subdivided commercial real estate, cultural real estate, and tourism real estate.

In the literary world, he is a scholar-entrepreneur with a literati flavor: his Baijiahu Museum and Baijiahu Monthly have attracted many well-known writers and literati. Today, Baijia Lake Monthly has published 121 issues, and Baijia Lake Museum has welcomed batch after wave of guests.

In famous universities, he is a good student who is enthusiastic and eager to learn: in April 2004, he graduated from the Asia Pacific School of Management, University of South Australia, and obtained a master's degree in business administration (MBA). Master's degree (EMBA); studying for a doctorate in finance at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and he is brewing a new study plan before he graduates.

This year, he has another identity: the president of the Nanjing Overseas Chinese Business Association. Behind the title of "chairman", there are brilliant achievements in the strategic transformation of Liyuan Group: going out of Nanjing, going to Qingdao in the north and going to Hainan and Kunming in the south, overcoming difficulties and expanding outward.

In the eyes of reporters, he is a very busy man: as long as he is in Nanjing, there will be a "meeting in progress" sign on the door of his office, and people of all kinds are waiting, including business leaders, financial people, and others. Literati.

In his elegant and warm office, the reporter listened to him describe his struggles in the past few years. At this time, his expression was as calm and calm as ever. At this time, he was an amiable elder again.

He is Mr. Yan Lugen, chairman of the board of directors of Liyuan Group, who is respected by the industry as Lao Yan.

For a so-called successful person, Lao Yan believes that there are four indispensable points: one is belief, the other is passion, the third is responsibility, and the fourth is strategy. And Lao Yan himself is the master of these four points.

Liyuan in the world:

Looking around the world,

Build an international company


Key words: make full use of foreign capital

"After the financial crisis, we immediately set up the Investment Department, inline with projects worth investing in, and outreach to large foreign consortia and companies. At present, they are the busiest department of Liyuan." Yan Lugen is obviously very interested in the work of the Investment Department. Pay attention to.

Yan Lugen was elected as the first president of the Nanjing Overseas Chinese Business Association in November last year, and has long-term close ties and cooperation with overseas Chinese. "50% of the foreign capital invested in China since the reform and development came from overseas Chinese. If a company wants to expand, it must make good use of this help." Yan Lugen said that through the group investment of overseas Chinese, it can help Liyuan Group realize the realization of overseas projects. Investment and development. "If the conditions are possible, I will consider seeking a way to go public overseas." Yan Lugen's ambition is undoubtedly revealed.

Keywords: study macroeconomics

For enterprise development, the decision-making of the person at the helm is very important. How to make the right decision? Yan Lugen summed up the macro economy in 4 words. The most accurate and timely judgment can be made by looking at the big picture and studying the economic trends of a country or an industry as small as a region or a city. In the real estate industry, Yan Lugen is a well-known scholar-oriented manager. From the MBA of the Asia Pacific School of Management of the University of South Australia, to the EMBA of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, and then to the doctoral class of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, he always updates his knowledge reserve , keep up with the latest trends in the world economy, and understand the trends of the world capital market. "When you stand high, you can see far. With a macroeconomic perspective, you can formulate the most suitable development strategy for the company." Yan Lugen has a strict requirement for his colleagues in the company's investment department. The latest developments in the local market, as well as the analysis and summary of the local situation from a macro perspective, ensure the safety of every investment.

In addition to the domestic layout, Yan Lugen also set his sights on the overseas market. As the president of the Nanjing Overseas Chinese Business Association, Yan Lugen strengthened his ties with overseas Chinese and actively used overseas capital to accelerate the development of the enterprise.

In the face of many financing problems for real estate companies, Liyuan Group has its own unique secret, that is: Liyuan's wholly-owned acquisition projects, seeking overseas basic or joint development of investment consortiums, to achieve the goal of four or two thousand pounds.

Yan Lugen: You can see far when you stand tall (Photos)
Yan Lugen: You can see far when you stand tall (Photos)