Hui Living Room | Yan Lugen: I want to introduce the story of Sushang to the world


Junction News What is the spirit of Sushang? In the eyes of Yan Lugen, chairman of Liyuan Group, he is willing to endure hardship, is very capable, has culture, has a deep background, and is also loyal and inclusive...




On May 19th, on the eve of the opening of the second Jiangsu Development Conference and the first Global Suzhou Business Conference, Yan Lugen, chairman of Liyuan Group, talked eloquently in front of the reporters at the meeting point, revealing his expectations for the conference and his enthusiasm for the development of Jiangsu. longing.

In China's economic development map, the Yangtze River Delta is one of the most dynamic and innovative regions. Under the national strategy of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, it is thought-provoking how Jiangsu can make use of its strengths and avoid weaknesses to integrate into the integration process. Yan Lugen believes that Jiangsu, with a good industrial foundation and a large number of universities and scientific research institutes, has significant development advantages. "In the new round of new technological development, if Jiangsu can break out of some key enterprises, I believe that Jiangsu will There are greater prospects for development.”

At the same time, he also hopes that Jiangsu people will broaden their horizons and ideas, be in line with international standards, and better integrate into the development of regional integration and even the development of economic globalization. "Jiangsu's overseas enterprises and entrepreneurs are quite powerful." Yan Lugen said, hoping to more closely unite Jiangsu overseas Chinese businessmen and overseas Chinese neighbors, so that Jiangsu businessmen will shine on the world stage.

Su Shang is the protagonist of this Mengxia season.

Looking back over a hundred years, the stories of Sushang have been handed down by word of mouth, and the spirit of Sushang has lasted for a long time. The children of Jiangsu really want to see film and television works that can show the past, present and future of Su Shang, and Yan Lugen is also looking forward to it. He is full of enthusiasm and wants to introduce the story of Sushang to the world.

Yan Lugen, who has rich experience as a cultural reporter for 8 years, real estate industry for nearly 30 years, and cultural industry for nearly 10 years, is particularly interested in the cultural accumulation of Jiangsu. When talking about the spirit of Sushang, he specifically mentioned the key words "more literate".

Jiangsu is rich in cultural resources and has a long and vast cultural context. The earliest extant collection of poetry and prose in China, The Selected Works (also known as the "Selected Works of Zhaoming"), and the first systematic masterpiece of literary theory, "Wen Xin Diao Long", were born here.

As a cultural province, people in Jiangsu are enthusiastic about the pursuit of culture and art. At the same time, more and more people are paying attention to and entering the cultural industry. Facing the huge demand, Yan Lugen is full of confidence in the prospects of the cultural industry. He believes that the cultural and art market is promising, and even in the near future, the cultural industry will become one of the three major industries in the future, comparable to the intelligent industry and high-tech industry.


Hui Living Room | Yan Lugen: I want to introduce the story of Sushang to the world
Hui Living Room | Yan Lugen: I want to introduce the story of Sushang to the world