The real estate brand "Baijia Lake" created by Lek Yuen Group in 25 years has become a benchmark in the industry. Meanwhile, it pays great attention to the building of cultural soft power. In 2000, LEK YUEN NEWSLETTER and BAIJIA LAKE JOURNAL were founded. LEK YUEN NEWSLETTER is a monthly report of the Group which records important news of Lek Yuen Group and the changing industry. Apart from that, it also has a special section for employees, which records employees’ joining, birthday wishes to employees and their contributions. BAIJIA LAKE JOURNAL is a pure literary journal. It solicits contributions from all over the country. It has published contributions from famous writers such as Zhou Youguang, Yu Guangzhong, Xia Zhiqing, Feng Qiyong, Shut Ting, Long Yingtai and Ye Zhaoyan. It also provides a platform for ordinary writers. The magazine has been awarded as "the best cultural connotation magazine of China's real estate industry in 2007".           
While the real estate business of Lek Yuen Group has developed steadily, it has not forgotten to repay the society by setting up "charitable fund" and "motivational scholarship" to help families with difficulties and poor college students. Practice the values of "Benefiting the country and the people for a long standing".