Culture industry

Culture industry

Baijia Lake International Culture Investment Group

The Baijia Lake International Culture Investment Group was established in 2013. It is the parent group company for the Nanjing Lek Yuen Group's shift into cultural industries. 


The Baijia Lake Group has under its remit: the planned construction of 1,20 units of large-scale (300-400 sqm for each) art studios for the Phoenix Mountain Art Park; the 40,000sqm Edinburgh Hotel; the more than 20,000sqm Baijia Lake Art Museum and Baijia Lake Museum. It has "Artworks Investment","Art Investment Weekly" magazine, and "Art Baijia" television programs among its art media organizations. Additionally, the Nanjing Head International Auction Co.,Ltd. "1 artbank" permanent fidelity art business web platform has been put into operation. The Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Art, has opened for the development of high-end art collectors, the ART100 global chain gallery, guided by academia, has taken root, located in Nanjing, Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore.


With consuming passion, abundant capital, abundant resources and innovative ideas, Baijia Lake Group has laid out the whole industry chain of art in terms of artistic creation, academic promotion and market operation, trying to build a new pattern of art industry in line with international standards.